Not Dead

This blog is not dead, just a little neglected. Okay yeah so a LOT neglected. 2015 for me was consumed with two major cross stitch projects.


One was the Laser Disc cover of Sailor Moon S that featured Sailor Mercury (Mizuno Ami)/Jupiter (Kino Makoto).


I also plan to do two more covers one of Mars (Hino Rei)/Venus (Aino Minako) and the one with Uranus (Tenoh Haruka)/Neptune (Kaioh Michiru).


The second big project of 2015 for me was a piece call ‘Soul’ but to me it became ‘how many time am I going to un-stitch this and redo it’.


I have also joined the app CraftyAmino as ruka_roxy83 which is where I put my cross cross stitch progress.

Also in Dec I started drawing again through Jan 2016 has not seen much drawing. Currently working on a small cross stitch commission and then I have two fun mini cross stitch pieces planned for myself before I tackle another big piece. Hopefully this will give me time to get back into drawing.

Also give me time to finally finish sketches from 2014 and work on editing some of my fan fiction stories. At least I have a lot to keep me busy.