Sailor Moon Fanfictions

I have been writing Sailor Moon fanfiction since 2006 when I entered a drawing of Sailor Moon turned evil to a contest and one of the rules was there had to be a back story. This thought bubble ended up becoming my first fanfic (as well as multi chapter fic) called Dark Senshi which ended up being 29 chapter with a prologue and epilogue.

Dark Moon by DavisJes

I later did a piece of art for each Dark Senshi and then a group drawing of them.

Technopoptart of Deviantart did an awesome line art for me of the Dark Sensh.

WIP Request Darksenshi by TechnoPoptart

After I completed “Dark Senshi” (2006-2008) I wrote quick pieces about each of the Senshi before Usagi became Neo Queen Serenity called “Before Crystal Tokyo” (2008) which only took a few months to write. I got a pretty piece of fanart from nads6969 from Deviantart of all the Senshi in their Cosmic forms.

Cosmic Sailor Senshi by nads6969

Then in Aug 2008 I tried to continue the story with “Crystal Tokyo: After The Fall” which sprang from a Juno X Setsuna fanfic I was trying to write but I have not been able to finish the story. While I was working on “Before Crystal Tokyo” I started to work on a fanfic called “First Senshi” (2008-2014) which is about the first girls to become Senshi long before the time of the Silver Millennium. Some of those chapters came easily where as others took awhile to write. Sailor-Aurora of Deviantart gave me some beautiful pieces of some of the First Senshi.

First Senshi Sailor Moon by Sailor-Aurora     FS Sailor Mercury by Sailor-Aurora     First Senshi Sailor Mars by Sailor-Aurora

I also write snippets about each Senshi which I call “Senshi Diaries” which I do not believe will ever be finished as I add a new piece when I am inspired.

In Mar 2009 I started working on “Sailor Moon Behind the Scenes” and I am trying to write one for all 200 episodes. I am unsure at this point if I will do the movies/specials or PGSM or Sailor Moon Crystal but there is a possibility. My “Sailor Moon Behind the Scenes” fanfic was inspired by fanart that kymoon of Deviantart did.

The Making Of by Kymoon

My big Sailor Moon fanfiction project which was also started in 2008 is “Senshi Love” in which I write stories based around pairings whether they are canon or non canon. Most are pairings I like but some have been inspired by other people’s fanart.

I post my stories on either DA or