Sailor Moon 2014

I have been a hardcore Moonie for a long time. Animazment Raleigh, NC this year is going to be amazing because we are going to have five groups of Sailor Moon cosplayers.

  • Biker
  • Casual
  • Classic
  • Supers
  • Eternal

Lady M and I will be going to the formal as Haruka and Michiru on Thursday night at PreCon.

In July 2014 Sailor Moon Crystal will air and bring a new era of Sailor Moon to old and new fans alike.

Now this year is going to be even more amazing for Sailor Moon fans. The original anime will be remastered and all 200 episodes will be re-released on Blu Ray and DVD. For the English fanbase the original Sailor Moon anime will be getting redubbed in English and for the first time ever Sailor Moon Stars will be redubbed in English. The Three Lights being men will not be fixed (there is still hope for Crystal ^_^) but Zoicite will be a guy in the new English dub.

The best part is that the English redub of the original Sailor Moon will be




Five more days to go until Animazement 2014!!!


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