Current Crafts

For the last year or so I have been making cross stitch bookmarks. The Tardis seems to be my most popular and as a coworker keeps asking me “are you done with that one yet?” I seem to always be working on more than one at a time.

Last week just finished a Tardis with the 4th doctor’s scarf as the background (picture to come) along with a cross stitch version of Sailor Mars’ Ofuda which will be for sale in the silent auction at Animazement in Raleigh NC.



Currently working on a second Ofuda, Transformers Opitimus Prime, 7th Doctor Tardis. For the future I have planned a 4th Doctor Scarf but reworking/tweaking the pattern.


Past bookmarks consists of Lighthouses, Tradis, Mario, Dalek, Zelda, Dice, Weeping Angels, and the Wizard of OZ.

zelda_by_davisjes-d71juvw wizard_of_oz_by_davisjes-d6fdz5q mario_bookmark_by_davisjes-d720yo2 Lighthouse_bookmark_by_DavisJes dalek_2_0_by_davisjes-d78lu4g

cthulu_bookmark_by_davisjes-d5gtm7id20_by_davisjes-d6ivhlg tardis_3_0_by_davisjes-d6kb9md don_t_blink_by_davisjes-d6vnma6


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