Cosplaying vs LARPing

In March SNL ran a skit that had people dressed in cosplay but they were LARPing. The skit called it cosplaying and both my girlfriend and I were like that is not cosplay, they are LARPing. I knew what my next blog was going to be about.

Cosplaying is where people dress up as characters from shows, movies, anime, video games or books. Cosplaying is more than dressing up for Halloween. Whether you make your own cosplay costume or buy it from someone else there is pride in going to a convention and bringing your character to live for others. A sub categories of cosplaying are Crosplay and Cosplay Models. Crosplay is where cosplayers dress as a character of the opposite sex such as women cosplaying as Loki or men cosplaying as Princess Peach.  Cosplay Models are also known as Cosplay Idols. Famous Cosplay Models include Karima Adebibe and Alison Carroll who both cosplayed Lara Croft for the video games. Karima Adebibe was the seventh Cosplay Model for Lara Croft from 2006 to 2008 and Alison Carroll who was Lara Croft from 2008 to 2010 until it was decided that Cosplay Models would no longer be needed for the Tomb Raider video game series. Cosplaying has been documented in films and shows as Animania, My Other Me and the show Heroes of Cosplay.

LARP is a form of role playing games and stands for live action role playing. LARPing has been shown in films like The Gamers: Hands of Fate and Knights of Badassdom. Also in a few episodes of Supernatural in which the first Dean and Sam are mistaken for LARPers playing out the book series Supernatural about their lives and and then a second episode again about the Supernatural book series at a convention for the book where they mean other people LARPing as Sam and Dean. The third episode which featured Felica Day as the Queen of the campaign.

LARPers cosplay but Cosplayers are not LARPers.

Right now I am just a cosplayer but I could totally see myself falling into a Sailor Moon LARP. lol


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