I RPG, cross-stitch, draw, write, read, cosplay, and cook.

There is a beginning to everything. Last night laying in bed trying to sleep I thought about starting a blog. This is not the first time I have thought of blogging but last night I decided to actually finally create a blog and try blogging. The randomness that is my life and as I thought of the many things I could and would blog about of course I can not remember then now. Some of my best thoughts are when I am half asleep yet too tired to grab a pen.

I have been writing in journal all my life yet at times more than others. From fifth grade until about college I physically wrote in a journal. Then from 2005 for about three years or so I wrote online journals on an art website. Within the last few years I have not felt the urge to journal like I use to but I have had fleeting thoughts of getting back into that and creating a blog.

Only the future knows where this blog will end up going so I will head on to the future to see where life takes me.


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